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What We Can Do For You:


Gift Planning Development provides a full range of gift planning services. Since the needs of each charity are different, we begin each engagement with a strategic discussion of your goals and objectives, timeline, available staff, and budget. We then generate a written proposal addressing your objectives and tailored to fit your needs.

Consulting Services

Gift Planning Development provides a full range of gift planning consulting services. For each charity, we focus on impact, outcomes and sustainability. These services may involve discreet projects or be ongoing engagements that cover a range of efforts from board engagement to gift planning policies. Each offering can be customized to meet your needs.



If you have a particular gift planning project on which you need help or support, Gift Planning Development can provide that service. We have drafted gift acceptance policies, reviewed state registration requirements, developed gift planning operations plans and more. Each project is contracted at a set price, providing you with cost certainty.


Ongoing Support

Many advancement offices only need occasional help with gift planning. This may be because you have a full-time gift planning officer who handles day to day inquiries, or because you only have a few questions each month. We offer a wide range of options to help you with the support you need. For charities which expect to have a three or more gift planning questions per month, we recommend a flat-fee arrangement. These charities call as often as they need and we provide help and advice. For less active charities, we can arrange to charge for services on an hourly basis.



We often find that once charities take advantage of one of our services, such as a gift planning assessment, they desire on-going help with implementation or to “stay on track”. For these charities, we offer long-term implementation services one or two days a month for as long as they can benefit from our assistance. We custom fit a solution to the needs of your charity, to ensure you get the best results for your program.


Gift Planning Office

Our Gift Planning Office service allows us to provide gift planning for your charity on an ongoing basis in lieu of hiring a gift planning officer. We help set up your gift planning program and then run it for you, spending time on-site each month and answering inquires when we are off-site. This program is ideal for charities which do not have the resources or gift planning volume to hire a full-time gift planning officer, but which want to offer donors and prospects the full-range of gift planning options and opportunities.   

Starting a New Gift Planning Program
Gift Planning Development offers three different ways to assist you in starting a new gift planning program, or rebooting an existing but underperforming basic gift planning effort.

Gift Planning Essentials -- One-on-One

If your charity is ready to launch a new gift planning effort, Gift Planning Essentials One-on-One provides the foundation for an effective gift planning program. Implemented over six to eight months, One-on-One is ideal for small and mid-sized charities which do not want to hire a full-time gift planning professional but want to raise funds through bequests, retirement plan designations, life insurance and other legacy gifts. At the end of On-on-One, your charity will have put in place the core infrastructure of a gift planning program, identified the best gift planning prospects, created an effective communications and marketing plan to reach those prospects, developed a stewardship program to maintain and enhance your stewardship of future gift donors and crafted a plan for sustainable program growth going forward. You will be able to offer endowment, bequest and beneficiary designation gifts in a confident way, with a plan for how to offer more complex gift plans in the future.

Gift Planning Essentials -- Group

If your charity is ready to launch a new gift planning effort, but wants to work with a group of other charities in your area to help keep costs down, Gift Planning Essentials Group may be just what you need. Rather than work one-on-one with Brian, in Group you assemble five to ten charities in your area to complete the process together. You provide the charities and the meeting space and we provide to content and delivery at a substantial discount for each charity involved. 

Planned Giving In A Box

For charities which want to start a planned giving program today and need all of the materials required to do so, but don't want to work with a consultant, we offer Planned Giving in a Box. Everything you need is in the box to start your program in as little as one hour a week. Simply order the materials and get started building your program!


Gift Planning Marketing
One of the core components of an effective gift planning effort is a comprehensive marketing program. We have developed state of the art, donor-centered gift planning marketing efforts for many charities. We can provide an assessment of your current marketing program and help you develop a long-term, donor-centered marketing program to fill the pipeline with future gifts, draft marketing materials, and even write fulfillment pieces, all tied specifically to your mission.

Assessment & Strategic Planning
Gift planning assessment is a common tool used to enhance an existing gift planning program. With the recent recession demonstrating the increased importance of building and maintaining endowments and pipelines of future gifts such as bequests, more and more charities are electing to invest significant resources in enhancing gift planning programs. Our assessments provide an in-depth analysis of current gift planning staff, marketing, activity levels, stewardship and administrative issues. We complete an extensive document review, interview staff from advancement and finance, and speak with board and heritage society members. Our final report includes a strategic plan, as well as a series of recommendations in order to improve and enhance the program, including industry best-practices. After completing an assessment or starting a new gift planning program, Gift Planning Development is available to assist you with the greatest challenge of all, implementing the steps outlined in the report and/or plan.

Training Services
For many years, charitable gift planning was a specialty area with a gift planning director working on a select group of prospects. As gift planning has become integrated with other areas of development, through a comprehensive, donor-centered approach, there is an increased need for gift planning training for all front-line fundraisers. We can provide an appropriate training program over a period of months for all of your fundraisers, to ensure that they recognize gift planning opportunities and have the tools to respond to them. Alternatively, the single session gift planning seminar is designed to educate your staff about one particular component of gift planning, or provide a general introduction to the idea of future gifts.

Gift Planning Development provides a wide array of seminars.  From single-session seminars for your prospects to educational programs for professional advisors and your board, we can serve as your gift planning seminar resource. Brian has presented hundreds of training programs for thousands of prospects, advisors and advancement professionals.

 Prospects:  Seminars are an excellent way to share the power of donor-centered gift planning ideas to your prospects. The goal of each seminar is to provide interesting information and motivate prospects to include your charity when addressing their tax, estate and financial planning needs. We offer a wide range of seminars custom designed for the needs of your particular audience.


Professional Advisors:  A strong gift planning program provides top-quality, continuing education qualified gift planning information to the professional advisor community. Without a link to professional advisors, who suggest charitable giving options to a significant number of clients, your charity may miss opportunities to benefit from future gifts. The goal of each seminar is to educate the advisors, encourage them to consider donor-centered charitable solutions to common tax, estate and financial planning issues, and to keep your charity “front-of-mind” when they are working with clients.

Board: We offer both specialized seminars for board members on gift planning, as well as present at board meetings when they are considering whether to invest additional resources in gift planning. These strategic sessions focus on how gift planning benefits the organization and the importance of the board’s support.


Professional Associations: Brian has presented educational seminars for all of the major professional fundraising membership organizations, as well as gift planning councils and estate planning councils on a wide range of gift planning topics. We can develop a particular topic to meet your specific needs or you can choose to have us customize one of our prepared talks to your particular audience.



Gift Planning Match
Gift Planning Match combines our industry leading assessment, search and consulting services into one, discounted package for the benefit of your charity. Our integrated approach starts with a full assessment of your existing gift planning effort or a review of your organization’s readiness to start a gift planning program. This effort helps us to a) identify the type of gift planning professional who would fit with the culture of your organization, b) hire a gift planner with the appropriate skill set for
your charity, and c) provide the gift planner with an assessment and implementation report so he or she can “hit the ground running.” During the hiring period, we provide consulting services so that your gift planning program can continue uninterrupted while we find you the right candidate. After your new gift planner is on board, we supply an additional six months of ongoing consulting to assist in the refinement and implementation of the findings from the assessment report. This approach maximizes the benefits of the search process and ensures the new gift planning professional will succeed.


Gift Planning Executive Search

Although Gift Planning Match is the best way to fill a gift planning vacancy, it may not meet the needs of your organization. For these cases, we recommend our Executive Search service. Because gift planning is a specialty field requiring a more technical skill set than other resource development positions, it can be very difficult to find attractive candidates who are the right match for your organization. In many cases, your organization or the search firms you typically use do not have the expertise to evaluate the skills and abilities of candidates to provide gift planning services. With our background in executive search, gift planning search, and developing gift planning programs, we can find you a candidate who brings the appropriate level of gift planning expertise for your organization and who fits with your culture.


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