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Charitable Gift Planning Consulting
Have your advisors suggested a family foundation, charitable lead trust, donor advised fund or supporting organization, and you are not sure whether these are the right charitable tools for you?

Has a charity you support suggested a charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, estate intention or other giving vehicle, but you are not confident that it makes sense for your situation?

Gift Planning Development can help. Brian has spoken with thousands of charitably minded individuals during his career as a professional gift planner, and can explain under what circumstances you might consider different gift options. Working collaboratively with your own tax, legal and financial advisors and even the charities you support, Brian serves as the charitable gift planner on your team of advisors, to ensure your charitable goals are fully integrated with your tax, estate and financial plans.

Note: Gift Planning Development, LLC, does not provide tax or legal advice, instead working in collaboration with your advisors in these areas.

Family Wealth Planning

Over the last several years, individuals like you have placed an increasing emphasis on integrating your philanthropy into your overall tax, estate and financial planning. You have also discovered the profound effect that your family’s attitudes surrounding money impact your well-being.

Brian works with families in a long-term, detailed process to help explore their non-monetary goals and objectives using the four components that comprise family wealth, human, intellectual, social and financial capital. This in-depth approach goes well beyond a single gift to one charity, instead focusing on the well-being of the family today and for future generations. His talk on this topic, titled The Five Questions You Should Answer Before Seeing your Estate Planner has been presented over a dozen times to professional advisors, employees of charities and families seeking assistance. Brian has attended several training sessions in this area over the years, including those by Charles W. Collier, senior philanthropic advisor at Harvard University, and the Heritage Institute, and can bring his expertise to your situation.
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