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Great friend of the podcast, Wayne Olson, stops by to chat about his latest book, Fundraising for Nonprofit Board Members: The essential resource for any board member of a nonprofit that fundraises (find it HERE).

This is a book every board member needs. In it, they’ll better understand their role in fundraising for the nonprofit organization they serve. Written by someone who is on the staff of a nonprofit and who has served on several boards, Olson presents a real, no-nonsense guide to board roles, responsibilities, and the nonprofit’s role in making the board members’ volunteered time, treasure, and talent meaningful.

Olson is a sought after speaker and consultant, who currently works as a gift planner for Intermountain Healthcare. Take some time to listen in, and discover how your board members can benefit from Olson’s experience.

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Wayne Olson: Fundraising for Non-Profit Board Members